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Guiding Your Loved One Through the Difficult Times

At Oasis Haven Hospice, our mission is to provide a holistic approach to hospice care in Irvine, California, that encompasses not only your loved ones but also your cherished family. We strive to collaborate closely with families, physicians, and healthcare experts, fostering seamless coordination of services. Our unwavering commitment to superior quality care ensures the fulfillment of your loved one's remaining years, bringing peace and comfort to all involved.

We offer the following Services:

aide and senior man having a conversation

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Our supplies ensure a smooth journey and comfort.

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Care worker giving water to elderly women

Comfort Care

Uniting compassion and comfort to create a haven of serenity during your hospice journey.

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Smiling caregiver holding senior woman's hand

Social Work and Counseling

Helping your loved one navigate the emotional complexities of their hospice care.

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 aide hug senior woman

Companionship and Psychosocial Support

Our services bring warmth and understanding to uplift your loved one's spirits.

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Spiritual Counseling

We offer compassionate guidance to bring peace and harmony.

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Bereavement Counseling and Support for the Family

We offer solace and strength during the grieving journey.

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aide and senior women using digital tablet

Education for Your Family

We help you navigate the complexities of hospice care.

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Volunteer Services

Our volunteers enrich the lives of others and brighten each moment.

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Nursing Services

We bring healing hands to provide exceptional care.

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aide assisting the medication of senior man


Our blend of expertise and empathy brings you solutions.

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Hospice Care Coordination

We ensure aspects of you and your loved one's hospice journey are well-supported.

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Pain Management

Our services help you and your loved one find comfort and peace.

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Visiting Hospice Nurse

Bringing expertise and compassionate care directly to your door.

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